UTS Masters studio intro

Posted on November 26, 2010


The following text is a draft framework for a Masters of Architecture design studio I will be running at UTS next year.

Sydney’s dormitory suburbs are currently experiencing legislative pressure to densify and intensify. Apocalyptic predictions of economic, climate, energy, water and food crises exert further demand on the suburb inviting a radical rethink of the existing fringe-suburb schema. This pressure also prompts a projective reimagining of the ‘increment’ of the suburb – the ‘single lot subdivision’ and it’s nuclear home.

The ”Adapturbia” studio reintroduces the architect as a catalytic thinker in the long neglected suburb. Specifically, the studio asks “How relevant can the architect be in anticipating, understanding, manipulating, subverting and transforming existing and future conditions in the suburbs?”

Together, students will establish an empiric understanding of Sydney’s current volume housing and fringe market condition. A review of popular literature that examines these impending crises will be carried out concurrently. This phase will also include a crash-course in low and medium density housing typologies. From these polarised viewpoints students will then strategically develop their own formal and spatial typologies as resilient alternatives to normative market models.

Students will be developing housing typologies under multiple themes including self organisation, sharing, autonomy, walkability, densification, service economy, programmatic dezoning, adaptation, live-work, home industry, urban agriculture and the like. Strategies for adaptive conversions or new construction will be acceptable. The primary focus of our studio will be the development of new architectural typologies within the constraint of the single lot suburban subdivision.