Mega Block

Posted on June 7, 2012


Student: Brooke Jackson

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The World’s natural resources are diminishing and with the looming end of fossil fuels this will see our sphere of existence tightening. The suburban sprawl, heavily dependent on the private vehicle, will require new and efficient mechanisms of infrastructure and transport, as well as a dramatic shift towards self-sufficiency and sustainability. This is to be achieved through:

1 > Consolidation of blocks to form an archipelago conglomerate of mega blocks. Each mega block is to be re-zoned for mixed use and reduced vehicu- lar access, circumnavigated by a wider infrastructure network that will effi- ciently link these suburban islands 2 > Establishing a fine grain in the figure ground of the mega blocks by lining the existing roads with a new typology that supports a programmatic matrix – [affordable] housing, home office, private business, communal facilities and shared vehicle charging docks. The wide streets, now converted to laneways become shared zones for pedestrian, bicycle and (the occasional) electric vehicle. 3 > Sustainable propositions – the laneways development is to be carbon neutral, incorporating ecological ideologi es through the utilisation of renew- able and recycled materials, solar panels, green roofs, rainwater harvesting, bioretention an systems etc., as well as incorporating a nature strip for edible gardens and native flora. Existing residences will be plugged into this new sustainable infrastructure gaining access to renewable energies and resources. 4 > Building community through the provision of public space and communal facilities. This will dramatically improve efficiency and access to resources with the aim to change the concept of the suburban dream – from quantity of space to quality of space and lifestyle.

5 > Eventual consolidation and redevelopment of the singular blocks to allow for dense, low rise, mixed use, sustainable developments which can occur slowly over time – further adapting to the needs of the changing suburb.


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